In the 1980, two young boys decided to start their own business and to focus their creativity and passion. They started to manufacture sports bags and backpacks.
They started in a small laboratory, initially producing school backpacks and sports bags for local institutions and associations. In the following years, they introduced new products for various sports activities in the catalogue and their technical capabilities were increasingly expanded.
In 1989, some hunting friends, seeing the accuracy, the quality with which these products were made, asked to create specific accessories for their passion: the hunt.
Thus, they presented the first collection of “Riserva” brand with the deer logo.
Thanks to the great experience gained over the years, the company has always more specialized in technical and high performing products in a market where need are continually increasing.
After 40 years, the company handed down from father to son with new energy but the same principles with which it was born and raised are always the same. Riserva remains an example of Italian company with a quality product, which is completely designed, manufactured and made in Italy.

Riserva high quality products starts from the selection of the best raw materials and continues in every little particular. From the vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, the Cordura ® made with high tenacity fiber, until the natural fiber such as linen and cotton, which come from historic companies, who row with traditional methods. Last but not least, the company design models for hunters with needs to the limit of possible, tested by professionals to ensure the functionality and the durability.
These are just a few examples of how RISERVA "puts the heart and its made in Italy" into what it produces every day.
The production of the articles takes place entirely in Veneto region. The study of the models, the selection, the control of the raw material, the cutting of the fabrics and the leather, the marking, the sewing, the packaging and the quality control of every single piece are executed by modern machinery, but with the same care and passion for over 30 years.
The quality of a product involves many connections: the best raw materials, efficient organization, professionalism of the collaborators, and the correctness of the agents, after-sales service and last but not least, the passion and the friendliness of its retailers.
The company believes that if one of these components missed, it would probably lack the quality.
A Riserva product must be reliable, useful and it must have a long life. Three elements that are also essential for the human’s life.

The company’s staff thanks all the hunter friends and the customer for the interest and for the confidence that they continue to have in the brand Riserva.
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